Olympus OM Lenses

Olympus OM lenses

Lenses with Olympus OM mount to fit OM-1(n), OM-2(n), OM-3(Ti), OM-4(Ti), OM-10, OM-20, OM-30 and OM-40 cameras.

Olympus Teleconverter 2x-A
Olympus Teleconverter 2x-A

The 2x-A teleconverter can be used with Olympus Zuiko 2.8/100mm, 2.8/135mm, 3.5/135mm, 4/200mm and 5/200mm lenses.
This unit doubles the focal length of the main lens, while maintaining its intrinsic characteristics. The automatic diaphragm and meter coupling as well as the minimum focusing distance of the prime lens are retained. The speed of the main lens is halved.

Perfect working order, slight wear.

Item comes with rear cap.
59,00 EUR
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